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13 - :20151215Parallelized iterative domain decomposition boundary element method for thermoelasticity in piecewise non-homogeneous media --


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16 - :2009517Humans and Night Elves discarded their old hatreds and stood united against a common foe. So did nature herself rise up, to banish the shadow forever. As for me, I ca-

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47 - :2014910but things rise out of dark soil, too. you did. you leaped. you bloomed. you changed the color of my time here. it is all dusk, it-

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Disillusioned office workers: China's losers【】_

11 - :201456for them, especially with property prices climbing well beyond their reach. Several recent studies show that, while incomes across Chinese society continue to -

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Master of Science in Life Sciences -

2 - :2016410audits(e.g. Life Cycle Assessment, Product Sustainability Assessment, Eco-Manageme business appliedscience managementdomains (e.g. RISE, WIS.2, SALCA). Panel disc--


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Once upon a Blue Moose_360

for a long time. Mr. Breton stood in the kitchen, looking at the moose. The moose didn't move. Wisps of steam began to rise from his blue fur. After a long time the >>--360

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giving rise to the concept of a biorefinery. In this study, twodilute pretreatments of 0.5% H for biofuels has increased in recent years dueto the rising prices of oil and concern for th--

Patterns of late Palaeozoic deglaciation in the Paraná Basin, Brazil -

episodes of sea-level rise probably affected the stability of marine glaciers. The palaeoclimatic setting for the WIS and other ice masses at the margins of the Paranfi Basin was m--